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Bola TriGlass is a young and dynamic company, which mainly works in the market for special reinforcement materials for the GRP industry. The company was founded to meet the ever growing demand for special reinforcement materials. The expertise focuses on a 3-dimensional woven composite reinforcement material out of E-glass yarns. The weaving technique is based on the ancient technique of weaving velvet.

The yarns are obtained from one of the largest yarn manufacturers in the world and are produced in Europe. The 3D fabric itself is also manufactured in a European production plant. So the fabric is totally of European origin. Bola TriGlass is located in an area that belongs to one of the economically fastest-expanding areas of the Netherlands, namely Brabant. The head office is located in Helmond. From there, all our relations around the world are assisted with our advice on how to process the fabric.

Due to our stringent cost control in all aspects of production, price-wise we can be a very interesting partner for you. We also can help you with our knowledge of the 3D-fabric and resin formulation to develop your specific application.

Together with Bola TriGlass your demands can be fulfilled. Surprise yourself by a custom made quotation.