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Bola TriGlass is a 3-dimensional woven fabric made of 100% E-glass yarns with a special Silan sizing and consists of two woven layers connected by vertical distance yarns. The yarns come from the Vetrotex company, one of the world's largest producers of glass yarns.

The distance yarns are firmly interwoven into the two decklayers creating an integral woven sandwich structure (distance fabric). This weaving technique is originally from the velvet industry.

The stiffness of the glass distance yarns creates eight-shaped connecting bridges between the two layers (see picture on the home page).

Bola TriGlass is ideally suited as core material in which one or both additional layers can be provided with glass mats or glass fibers. Where surface conditions allow Bola TriGlass can directly be used as a reinforcing material.

Bola TriGlass is ideally suitable as a core material where even both deck-layers can be laminated with additional chopped strand mats (CSM) or glass roving fabrics for extra strength and stiffness. Where surface quality demands are less important Bola TriGlass can directly be used as a reinforcing material.

By impregnating the 3D Glass Fabric with a thermoset resin (f.i. polyester, epoxy, phenolic etc.) there will be formed a rigid and lightweight sandwich laminate suitable for numerous applications.