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Processing technique
Bola TriGlass is used in fiberglass reinforced plastics. The three-dimensional fabric can be impregnated with various resins which in polyester, epoxy, phenolic (fire-retardant), etc.

Bola TriGlass is impregnated with a thermosetting resin: the fabric absorbs the resin due to the capillary action of the yarns. During impregnation the fabric bounces back to its original pre-set height. This results after curing in one single (hand lay-up) process in a rigid and very light weight sandwich laminate with excellent mechanical properties.

The processing of Bola TriGlass in the hand lay-up process runs in a number of steps:

  • First calculate the total required amount of resin (for small products it is recommended that an additional amount of resin up to 30% is used).
  • Divide approximately 40% of the required amount of resin evenly over the surface of the mold.
  • Then bring in Bola TriGlass and roll with a mohair roller (at considerable pressure) the glass mat in the resin.
  • Divide then the remaining 60% of the resin over the top of the fabric. Through capillary action of the E-glass yarns the fabric is impregnated automatically.
  • After that softly rolling the top layer of the fabric will secure a plain surface. Maximum (pre-set) height is achieved by ending with gently rolling in weft direction against the pile direction.
  • Additional layers can be applied wet-in-wet on both sides of the Bola TriGlass laminate.

Owing to the special fabric construction there are a number of techniques available for corner joints, fastening, connections and overlaps. Other solutions are possible though and of course Bola TriGlass can be consulted for know-how and information.