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Bola TriGlass is ideal for the widely used hand lay-up and spray-up process: the fabric can be used as a core material where the toplayers can be provided with additional glass mats (CSM) or glass rovings (wet in wet).

First calculate the required amount of resin:

  • For polyester und phenolic: 110% of the fabric weight.
  • For epoxy: 95% of the fabric weight.

Bola TriGlass can possibly advise the correct resin formulation. For the correct treatment see the section Processing.

With correct processing of Bola Triglass good laminate properties can be obtained. On request we can provide values for heat- and sound insulation, the bending strength, shear strength and stiffness. These data are indicative: that is, the properties depend on the resin type and formulation, the quality of the laminate and the processing method applied.

If you are interested in a particular 3D glass fabric or construction, do not hesitate to contact us to discuss the possibilities. We still have the flexibility to find for you and your special application a customized solution.