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On this page you will find the latest information on Bola TriGlass BV. Please have a look.


Thanks to you, dear customers, 2013 was a again a successful year for our company. We hope to continue or even expand our good relationship in the next years. We see 2014 as a challenging year: important topic will be the tankbuilding and the transportation industry. Furthermore we see growing interest of our Asian competitors to exploit the European market. Thanks to our low cost philosophy we can beat them as well in quality as in marketprice. Try us.


When for your application a standard roll of 40 meters is too much to handle than we have a special cut length service. Ask at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it for your special price and delivery conditions for 5, 10, 15, 20 or 30 meters. This also gives you the possibility to run your trials, without the risk of too much money being involved.


- Since summer 2013 we made big progress in the tankbuilding industry. From July onwards we have developed our 3-D glass fabric in width of 62,5 cm. This gives great new possibilities to use the material as hollow interliner for the construction of aboveground and underground tanks. Our 3-D glass fabric can be used in tankbuilding for the production of full GRP tanks with modern leak-detection systems. This system functions with high pressure as well as with vacuum systems by fully automatically monitoring and warning. Our material also can be used as a tank-liner for steel tanks with leak-detection. The latter is normally done during repair or maintenance jobs on damaged steel tanks. Another advantage for tanks and containers is the heat isolation. By using this property it is possible to keep the content of the tank at a constant elevated temperature against low costs. The hollow spacer material also can prevent condensation problems at the inside of an exhaust. Please let us inform you about our possibilities.

- Surface Quality is not the best property of standard 3D fabrics. In normal laminates the bridges of the connecting yarns can be seen shining through. For that reason we have developed a whole range of fabrics with a much more smooth surface. In many applications this can be an advantage. Ask for your sample.


- Sometimes we have some left overs due to cancelled orders. Currently we have about 600 meters stock in 3 mm thickness in low density. This is for sale at an attractive price. Ask us for a sample and an attractive offer for you.