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Bola TriGlass is the trade name for a revolutionary 3-dimensional glass fabric for applications in the fiber-reinforced plastics industry (GRP- industry). Bola TriGlass is a woven sandwich material out of E-glass yarns and available in various thicknesses from 1 mm up to 22 mm. The yarns have a special Silan sizing. Typical fabric weights are in the order of about 700 g/m2 to about 1600 g/m2. The width of the fabric is 125 cm. Normal rollenth is 40 meter (50 m2).

The fabric can be used with virtually all common resins such as polyester, epoxy, phenol etc. After curing of the resin a kind of sandwich construction is created. This gives high strength and stiffness at a relatively low weight. For extra strength there can be added additional reinforcement layers (wet in wet).

Besides a series of standard reinforcing materials in thicknesses of 3, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12, 15 and 20 mm, we also supply many customer-specific fabrics. They are developed on an exclusive basis especially for our customers.

Bola TriGlass can be used as a construction material and as a core material. It lends itself particularly to the hand lay-up or spray-up process, particularly where there are not too highly curved surfaces. The fabric can be used for various applications: transportation (automotive, trains, aviation, shipbuilding), construction, windmills, fuel tank construction and renovation and various other technical applications.

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